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  • Hiccup: (V.O.) This... is Berk. The best kept secret this side of, well, anywhere. Granted, it may not look like much, but this wet heap of rock packs more than a few surprises.
    [On a cluster of sheep, hiding nervously between buildings as shadows of passing dragons race by. The group moves as one, receding into a shadowy alley, pushing one sheep out into the light. It's suddenly snatched and carried into the air!]
    Hiccup: (V.O.) Life here is amazing, just not for the faint of heart. You see, where most folks enjoy hobbies like whittling or needlepoint, we Berkians prefer... a little something we like to call--
    [WHOOSH, WHOOSH, WHOOSH! A wash of vibrant colors blurs by. Dragons Barrel past at a dizzying speed. Their riders swipe, kick, and roll into one another while they weave neck in neck between the houses, docks, and revamped structures of Berk.]
    Hiccup: (V.O.) DRAGON RACING!
    Fishlegs: WHOOOOOOO!
    [Fishlegs, now 20 and even larger, rides his Gronkle, Meatlug, who carries the sheep in her claws, until Snotlout, also 20, but every bit as juvenile, and his Monstrous Nightmare, Hookfang, side-check them steal their sheep.]
    Snotlout: HO-HO! I'm sorry, Fishlegs! Did you want that?
    [Fishlegs glares at Snotlout.]
    Fishlegs: Snotlout! That was mine!
    [Snotlout falls back toward Ruffnut and Tuffnut, who lag on their Hideous Zippleback, Barf and Belch.]
    Snotlout: Here ya go, babe. 
    [With a chivalrous grin, Snotlout tosses the sheep to Ruffnut. She snatches it with a sneer and a grumble.]
    Snotlout: Did I tell you that you look amazing today? 'Cause you do. 
    Ruffnut: (Disgusted) Ugh. Come on, Barf. It's starting to stink around here. 
    [Barf starts to peel off, spewing gas. Tuffnut mocks Snotlout with a mugging grin.]
    Tuffnut: Nope. Still hates you. Let's blow this place, Belch! Alright!
    [Belch ignites the gas, sparking a flashy explosion, and leaving Snotlout behind in the smoke. As they rush past the main bleachers, Ruffnut drops her sheep into one of five baskets suspended over a chasm at the lap crossing. Each backboard bears an image of its corresponding dragon. The Barf/Belch basket filled to the brim with sheep. Presiding over the game, Stoick turns to the frenzied crowd.]
    Stoick: Ha-ha! That's nine for the Twins! Astrid lags with three! Fishlegs and Snotlout trail with NONE!
    [Stoick eyes an empty basket at the far end, its backboard painted with an image of Toothless.]
    Stoick: And Hiccup is... nowhere to be found. Hmmm.
    Gobber: Scared him off with the big talk, didn't ya, Stoick?
    [WHACK! Snotlout, still smoldering from the blast, gets clipped from behind. Astrid, rolls in, astride Stormfly, spirited and competitive as ever, and beautiful despite herself.]
    Astrid: What are you doing, Snotlout?! They're going to win now!
    Snotlout: She's my princess! Whatever she wants, she gets!
    Astrid: Ruffnut?! Didn't she try to bury you alive?! 
    Snotlout: Only for a few hours!
    Hiccup: (V.O.) Now, dragons used to be a bit of a problem here, but that was five years ago. Now, they've all moved in. And, really, why wouldn't they?
    [The racers chase each other through a sprawling hangar and into a vast cave, teeming with colorfully painted dragon stables. They exit through the far side and circle back through the village, blasting past many of its dragon-friendly additions.]
    Hiccup: (V.O.) We have custom stables... all-you-can-eat feeding stations... a full service dragon wash. Even top-of-the-line fire prevention, if I do say so myself.
    [In the village, a baby Gronkle sneezes, accidentally setting one of the Viking houses aflame. Astrid peels away from the other dragon racers, and yanks open a spout on the overhead network of aqueducts, dousing the flames with a surge of water. Back to Stoick, amused as he watches the racers round the island, searching for sheep. He turns to Gobber and nods.]
    Stoick: It's time, Gobber. 
    Gobber: Righty-ho! (Aloud, to the crowd) Last lap!
    [A horn sounds. The racers all turn to each other, excited.]
    Astrid: The Black Sheep! Come on, Stormfly! We can still win this thing!
    Ruffnut: Come on, Barf!
    Tuffnut: Let's go!
    Fishlegs: Go, Meatlug!
    [Gobber loads the Black Sheep onto a catapult.]
    Astrid: Whooo-hooo!
    Tuffnut: Let's go, let's go, let's go!
    Gobber: (To the Black Sheep) This is your big moment. Have a nice flight!
    [He pulls the trigger, launching the Black Sheep into the air. Astrid spots it and steers Stormfly into a steep climb toward it.]
    Astrid: Up, up, up, up, up, up!
    [In a flash, Fishlegs and Meatlug fly in and nab the sheep.]
    Astrid: NO!
    Fishlegs: YES! Good job, Meatlug!
    [Fishlegs tosses his captured prize to Ruffnut.]
    Fishlegs: Here ya go, darling! Mine's worth ten!
    Ruffnut: Yeah! The Black Sheep!
    Astrid: (To Snotlout) You guys are fighting for Ruffnut?!
    Ruffnut: I'm totally winning!
    Fishlegs: We're winning together!
    [She rams Barf into Meatlug, sending Fishlegs into an uncontrolled spin. He slams into Snotlout, sending their dragons tumbling head over tail. The crowd goes wild.]
    Snotlout: Oh, no!
    Ruffnut: Whoo-hoo! NO ONE CAN STOP ME NOW!
    Tuffnut: Except for me! We're attached, genius! Quit trying--
    [He grabs at the sheep. Ruffnut fights back, inciting a tug-of-war.]
    Ruffnut: Hey!
    Tuffnut: --to steal all my glory!
    [Astrid and Stormfly fly toward them. Astrid stands on Stormfly's back surfer-girl style.]
    Stoick: Get 'em, Astrid!
    Tuffnut: It's MY glory!
    Ruffnut: Always ruining EVERYTHING!
    Tuffnut: NO SHEEP, NO GLORY!
    [Astrid leaps off of Stormfly, runs up Belch's spindly neck, and plucks the Black Sheep from the Twins' hands.]
    Astrid: Gotcha! Ha-ha!
    [She tumbles through the air onto Stormfly, sticking a perfect landing, the Black Sheep in hand.]
    Tuffnut: Whoa!
    Ruffnut: Astrid!
    Stoick: Well played! Ha, ha, ha! (To the crowd) That's my future daughter-in-law!
    Fishlegs: Whoo-hoo!
    [Back to Astrid on Stormfly, eyeing the fast-approaching finish line, unaware as Fishlegs suddenly rams Meatlug into Stormfly, sending Astrid off-course. She recovers and sees Snotlout flying headlong toward her, war hammer cocked, aiming at Astrid.]
    Snotlout: Uh, excuse me!
    Astrid: Stormfly!
    [Snotlout hurls his hammer. Astrid ducks and rolls Stormfly out of the way. The hammer catches Fishlegs in the face with a CLANG. The crowd collectively winces.]
    Crowd: Oh!
    [Astrid and Stormfly recover from their roll, loop over the water, and they blast past the finish line, dunking the Black Sheep into their basket! ASTRID WINS!]
    Stoick: That's thirteen! Astrid takes the game!
    [The crowd comes unhinged. Astrid flies over the crowd, basking in her victory.]
    Astrid: Yeah! Ooh-ooh!
    Hiccup: (V.O.) Yep. Berk is pretty much perfect. All of my hard work has paid off. And it's a good thing, too, because with Vikings on the backs of dragons, the world just got a whole lot bigger.
    [The scene changes to a boundless sky. Vast. Clear. Crisp. And from it, a black speck rockets across the horizon. The image of unbridled freedom. Tucked into his riding position, Hiccup appears to be part of Toothless. They dip, roll and dive, over a sea teeming with Thunderdrums, pulling off daring maneuvers with honed refinement, making them seem effortless.]
    Hiccup: Yeah!
    [They jackknife, heading skyward, rolling and tumbling through the ethereal cloud-scapes and joining high-flying Timberjacks as they soar in formation. Hiccup is bound head-to-toe in a snug, aerodynamic flight suit -- an asymmetrical, functional design of leather and articulated plates. It has an air of Viking bike leather.]
    Hiccup: What do ya think, bud? You wanna give this another shot?
    [Toothless grumbles in protest.]
    Hiccup: Toothless! It'll be fine!
    [With a click of a lever, he locks the pedals in the flared tail position. Hiccup then unhooks himself from the saddle.]
    Hiccup: Ready?
    [Toothless snorts unenthusiastically. Suddenly, Hiccup slides off of Toothless, peeling away from him like a skydiver from a plane, yelling as he plummets. Toothless dives after him. They spiral through the air, face-to-face. Toothless is having fun, despite himself. When he sees the ocean, Hiccup slips his forearms through a pair of tucked leather flaps, and yanks, unfurling sheets of leather as he extends his arms. They catch the wind, snapping like wings, and sending him gliding! Toothless unfolds his wings, too, catching up with Hiccup. The freedom is palpable. Hiccup and Toothless are, for the moment, the same. Feeling the same rush of adrenaline. Independently together. They plunge past cloud formations, splitting apart then crossing paths again.
    Hiccup: THIS IS AMAZING!
    [A cloud layer washes past, exposing a towering rock formation, dead ahead.]
    Hiccup: No longer amazing! TOOTHLESS!
    [Hiccup tries to steer himself away, to no avail. Toothless pours on the speed, trying to catch Hiccup as he hurtles toward collision. His locked tail makes maneuvering difficult. He's unable to pull up at a steep enough angle.]
    Hiccup: OH, NO! AHH!
    [At the last second, Toothless BLASTS the jagged rocks just ahead of Hiccup, then wraps Hiccup in his wings as they fly through it. The obliterated peak rains down around them. Toothless emerges through the cloud of debris and hurtles into the trees of a neighboring peak. They tumble down the uneven terrain, coming to rest on a small plateau. Hiccup emerges from the cocoon of Toothless’ wings. He switches his prosthetic riding foot to his walking foot and stows his leather wings.]
    Hiccup: Whoo. That really came out of nowhere.
    [The sea stack cracks and falls]
    [Toothless grumbles]
    Hiccup: We gotta work on your solo flying there, bud. That, uh, locked-up tail makes for some pretty sloppy rescue maneuvers, eh?
    Hiccup: Oh. Looks like we've found another one, bud.
    [An annoyed Toothless throws a small pebble at Hiccup's head.]
    Hiccup: Oh, what? You want an apology? Is that why you're pouting, big baby boo?
    Hiccup: Well... try this on! [Hugs him, tries to wrestle with him] Oh, ya feeling it yet? Huh? Picking up on all of my heartfelt remorse?
    Hiccup: (Groans) Oh, come on, come on. Yeah-yeah. You wouldn't hurt a one legged-- AHH!
    [Toothless laughs]
    Hiccup: O-oh, oh! You're right! You're right! You win! You win! 
    [Toothless falls backwards]
    Hiccup: Whoa, whoa, whoa! [Playing with Toothless] He's down! Oh, and it's ugly! Dragons and Vikings, enemies again, locked in combat to the bitter--[Toothless pins Hiccup] --Aaahhhhh! 
    [Toothless starts to lick him]
    Hiccup: (Groans) Gaaaaagh! You know that doesn't wash out!
    [Toothless laughs and Hiccup splashes some spit on Toothless' face]
    [Hiccup looks around at the new island he discovered and pulls out his map]
    Hiccup: So... what should we name it?
    [Toothless chews at his armpit]
    Hiccup: "Itchy Armpit" it is.
    Hiccup: Whaddya reckon, bud? Think we might find a few Timberjacks in those woods? The odd Whispering Death or two in the rocks? Who knows... maybe we'll finally track down another Night Fury.
    Hiccup: Wouldn't that be something?
    Hiccup: So, whaddya say? Just keep going?
    [Toothless replies 'no']
    [Stromfly comes shrieking. Astrid and Stormfly land on the island and enter the scene]
    [Toothless runs over excitedly to greet Stormfly]
    Hiccup: Afternoon, m'lady. Where have you been?
    Astrid: Oh, winning races. What else? The real question is... where have you been?
    Hiccup: Avoiding my dad.
    Astrid: Oh, no. What happened now?
    Hiccup: Oh, you're gonna-- you're gonna love this. I wake up. The sun's shining. Terrible Terrors are singing on the rooftop. I saunter down to breakfast, thinking all is right in the world and I get: [Imitating Stoick] "Son, we need to talk."
    Astrid: [Imitates Hiccup] "Not now, Dad. I've got a whole day of goofing off to get started."
    Hiccup: Okay, first of all, I-I don't sound like that, who-- what is this character? And second... what is that thing you're going with my shoulders?
    Hiccup: That's a truly flattering impersonation. Anyway he goes: [Imitating Stoick] "You're the pride of Berk, son. And I couldn't be prouder!"
    Astrid: [Imitates Hiccup talking to his dad] "Aw, thanks, Dad. I'm pretty impressed with myself, too."
    Hiccup: [Laughing] When have I ever done that with my hands?
    Astrid: You just did!
    Hiccup: Okay... just... hold still. It's very serious.
    Hiccup: "You're all grown up, and since no chief could ask for a better successor, I've decided--"
    Astrid: TO MAKE YOU CHIEF! Oh, my gods! Hiccup, that's AMAZING! [Punches him hard in the chest]
    [Hiccup grunts, Astrid laughs. Hiccup's fin pops out.]
    Hiccup: You're gonna wear out the spring coil. The calibration is very sensitive! 
    [Toothless and Stormfly come running past chasing each other and knock over Astrid and Hiccup]
    Hiccup: Yeah, so... this is what I'm dealing with.
    Astrid: What did you tell him?
    Hiccup: I-I didn't. By the time he turned around, I was gone.
    Astrid: Huh, well, it's a lot of responsibility. The map will have to wait for sure, and I'll need to fly Toothless, since you'll be too busy... 
    [Astrid realizes what she just said]
    Hiccup: I-It's not me, Astrid. All those speeches, and planning, and running the village... that's his thing. 
    Astrid: I think you're missing the point. I mean, chief. What an honor. I'd be pretty excited.
    Hiccup: I'm not like you. You know exactly who you are. You always have. I'm still looking. I know that I'm not my father... and I never met my mother.... so, what does that make me?
    Astrid: What you're searching for... isn't out there, Hiccup. [Puts her hand to Hiccup's chest] It's in here. Maybe you just don't see it yet.
    [Astrid kisses Hiccup but pulls back with Toothless' spit on her face. Disgusted, she tries to wipe it off.]
    Hiccup: Maybe. But, y'know, there is something out there.
    Astrid: Hiccup...
    [He grabs Astrid's chin and points her straight ahead of them, showing her a large cloud of smoke.]
    [They fly towards it to investigate it. They fly through the burnt forest until they reach the ocean and see a large and piercing structure of ice.]
    Hiccup: Whoa. (To Astrid) Stay close.
    [They fly around the ice, looking at all the ruined things caught in it.]
    Hiccup: What happened here?
    [Toothless makes a stressed sound, and finds an enormous footprint in the mud.]
    Hiccup: Alright. Easy, bud.
    Astrid: Hiccup!
    Eret: FIRE!
    Hiccup: ASTRID! LOOK OUT!
    [A net its thrown at Toothless but catches Stormfly instead]
    Astrid: No! HICCUP!
    [She slips from Stormfly and falls towards the ground. Toothless catches her]
    [Dragon hunters try to trap Stormfly. She escapes the net and throws spikes.]
    Eret: Watch the tail! Ah! Tie those legs up!
    [Toothless flies past, and Eret looks at him in wonder]
    Eret: Is that what I think it is?
    Hiccup: STOP!
    Teeny: Get out of the way!
    Astrid: STORMFLY!
    Ug: Whoa, watch out!
    [Toothless, Hiccup and Astrid land]
    Astrid: What are you doing?!
    [Hiccup opens Inferno, while Astrid grabs a stick]
    Dragon Trappers: Whoa!
    Eret: Back again? Soil my britches... that is a Night Fury. Thought they were all gone for good. Looks like our luck's had a turn for the better, lads! Don't think Drago has one of those in his dragon army.
    Astrid: Dragon army?
    Hiccup: Look, we don't want any trouble.
    Eret: Ha! You should've thought of that before you stole all of our dragons and blasted our fort to bits! 
    Teeny:Yeah, look at it! 
    Hiccup: Wait... 
    Astrid: What are you talking about?
    Hiccup: You think we did this?
    Eret: Ha. Dragon trapping is hard enough work as it is, without do-gooder Dragon Riders sneaking in to rescue them.
    Hiccup: What do-gooder-- there are other Dragon Riders?
    Eret: You mean, other than your thieving friend from last night? You tell me. You may have an ice-spitting dragon on your side, but we still have a quota to fill. How do you suppose we explain this mess to Drago Bludvist?
    Hiccup: Drago what-fist? Does anything you say make sense?
    Teeny: He's expecting a new shipment of dragons for his army by tomorrow.
    No-Name: And Drago don't take well to excuses.
    Eret: This is what he gave me last time I showed up empty-handed.
    [Shows a scar on his shoulder from under his shirt]
    Eret: He promised to be far less understanding in the future.
    Hiccup: Look, we don't know anything about a dragon thief, or an ice-spitting dragon...
    [Eret nods to his men hidden behind Hiccup and Astrid]
    Hiccup: Or your lunatic boss and his dragon army, okay? Just give us back our dragon and we'll go, strange, hostile person whom we've never met.
    Eret: Oh, where are my manners? Ha. I'm Eret. Son of Eret. Finest dragon trapper alive. After all, it's not just anyone who can capture a Night Fury.
    [Toothless growls]
    Hiccup: And this is Toothless. He says we're going. Now.
    Eret: [Laughs] Heh. They all say that. Rush 'em, lads!
    [The hidden dragon trappers attack. Toothless fires at a large icicle that falls on the dragon trappers and keeps them back. They shout and jump away.]
    Ug: Oh, Watch out!
    [Hiccup pulls out Inferno and cuts the net off of Stormfly.]
    Astrid: Stormfly! C'mon, go! Go! Go!
    [Scene changes to Berk. The rest of the teens are flying around.]
    Fishlegs: Come on, Meatlug! Woohoo!
    Ruffnut: Yahoo!
    [Snotlout flies near Gothi's hut, scaring her Terrible Terrors. Once they land he flies past again.]
    [Gothi grunts and shakes her fist at them]
    Snotlout: Ha-ha.
    Stoick: (To villager) Hey, how are you?
    Stoick: (To another villager) Beautiful day.
    Stoick: [To Spitelout] Hello, Spitelout, great game today.
    [Stoick nearly bumps into another villager]
    Stoick: Oh, sorry, Mrs. Ack.
    Stoick: (To Gobber) Any sign of him?
    Gobber: Ah, he's probably flown off the edge of the world by now. You sure you want that kid running the village? You can still delay your retirement.
    Stoick: Oh, he's ready. You'll see.
    Stoick: Ha-ha-ha! There he is! (To Gobber, proving his point) Huh? The pride of Berk!
    Gobber: Who finally decided to show up for work. Yay. 
    Hiccup: Sorry. Got held up.
    Hiccup: Hey, Dad, could I have a word?
    Stoick: Something you're itching to tell me?
    Hiccup: Ah, not quite the itch you're thinking of, but yes.
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